Kemal Barut

As a chef, I wish to invest my time in the kitchen, not seeing over fluctuation in price of products. The team at CFG Australia have saved roughly 8% back on our weekly expenses, that has worked out to be between $1,500-$2,000 every single week! You would be stupid not to join!


Francis Chehade

Consortium Food Group has proven to work, saving our restaurants over 22% on our all of purchases, reducing our food price by more than 4%


George Seoud

Many professional organisations are conservative and inward-looking. CFG is progressive, innovative, and engaged. If you want to change your world in hospitality, CFG will help you get there.


Connell McGrath

Getting involved with CFG Australia has been the single best action I’ve taken in conducting our restaurants in the last 5 decades. We’ve seen a dramatic drop in our COGs.


Andy Li

Since signing up with Consortium Food Group Australia we’ve saved about 4% on our entire food & paper costs. In addition to the savings, we also love having another industry partner to go over potential changes in our venue/menu.


Mariano Cingerle

The CFG people have been fantastic to work with! They know the challenges we face and share our values as a company. I know how much we are saving, and I know how much some of my other cafe owner friends are saving – I urge everyone to give them a go.


Coskun Uysal

After being awarded #1 restaurant in Melbourne in 2019 by Delicious, we needed more staff and our expenses sky rocketed. We joined CFG because we had nothing to lose, they increased our profits by lowering our expenses! Highly recommend, the more members, the more we more save!


George Kara

From a food truck to bricks and mortar, we have our suppliers and have created fantastic relationships to negotiate the best prices. To be fair, when CFG told us they could beat our pricing and we wouldn’t need to change any of our supply chain, we thought they were full of sh#t. All I can say, is WOW! It’s definitely real!


Steve Richard

We’ve operated cafes for over 10 years and thought we new everything! Profits were profits, expenses were expenses – we had no idea the savings were even possible until we saw it with our own eyes. Well done team, it’s what the industry needed – keep up the good work!