Consortium Food Group launched early 2020. With a world crisis at hand and venues more than ever looking to cut costs, it was the perfect time to launch a money-saving business that could help generate more profit for its members and the hospitality industry. The industry was lacking unity and prices were only fair to the big players, leaving every other restaurant and cafe owner to fend for themselves.

Buying as a group just makes sense. Why should the cafe down the street pay $3.20 for Soy Milk, while others are paying $3.76 in the same street when they are both using the same distribution company.

After speaking to our first 300 members, every single one without fail said the exact same comment to us ‘No one can beat our price, we have a good relationship and our rep looks after us’. Well, not everyone can get the same price, and those who think they are getting the best price, we guarantee someone else is getting the exact same thing cheaper.

CFG Australia knows pricing for every single element within a hospitality business. We know what costs should be and we negotiate a fair price to increase the profits for our members.

Meet the team


Brennan Lukav

Since 2009, Brennan has worked with over 500 hospitality businesses, helping gain more profit and increasing weekly revenue.


Hasheam Tayeh

Owning 30 hospitality venues, Hasheam has built contacts all across Australia reducing COGs by up to 30% just by having a small group of 30.