We negotiate unbeatable deals with suppliers, distributors, service providers and manufacturers to drive down cost by utilising the collective volume of our membership base. Consortium Buying Group works for our members and is FREE to join. We strategically negotiate and conduct regular audits in order to achieve the very best price possible – saving members anywhere from 5-30% on daily purchases.

CFG Australia gives small and medium operators the buying power that is normally only accessible by big businesses. Restaurants, cafes and caterers spend tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars on products and services. By joining Consortium Food Group, you are gaining control of your largest expenses; cogs, packaging, utilities, insurance, credit card processing, compliance and more!


SAVE 5%, 10%, EVEN 30%

We do not place the orders for you and you do not need to buy a truck load to get the savings. Simply by joining your peers and becoming a member of CFG Australia, you will automatically receive the best prices to create maximum profit